Dancegrass at Hill Country Live Nov 21

Dancegrass will be playing a stripped down set at Hill Country Live Brooklyn (Hill Country BBQ) from 8-10 pm featuring Tony Delello on Mandolin/Guitar, we will be playing Grisman/Garcia tunes as well as traditional bluegrass.


Dancegrass at Brooklyn Bowl

I booked my brother in arms Seth to play this show with me. Third annual rotten Apple Roots and Bluegrass Halloween  Oct 31 TBA.

Edward Sharpe and Magnetic 0’s is allright

it’s hard to stay relevant/care about simple folk pop when you’re 30. but when you’re playing to tons or rapid hipsters with edward sharpe holding a megaphone to you. Makes me get the bug. Seth took the first song I did the second fiddle tune which melted everyones mind severely. Here is the tweet plus a short video from the band


I used to hate on this band and mumford and sons for their lack of virtuosity, but I really see it’s about the ideas behind this band less about the music actually kind of cool, mumford can still break their banjos but there is something philosophically interesting about this Magnetic 0s band. It’s all about hot picking from where I’m standing though.